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TRUST (Hal Hartley, 1990)
MATTHEW - You gotta leave this house!
MARIA - I have to take care of my mother.
MATTHEW - Your mother is a psychopath.
MARIA - She's just in pain, that's all.
MATTHEW - What is that doing in here?
MARIA - How does this work?
MATTHEW - Why do you wanna know that for? Give me that thing!
MARIA - No. How does it work?
MARIA - I just wanna know.
MATTHEW - You see this pin? You pull that, wait 8 seconds and...
MARIA - Boom.
MATTHEW - Sleep in here tonight. I don't mean with me, I mean... sleep here, in a bed.
MARIA - Peg says you have a reputation.
MATTHEW - What kind of reputation?
MARIA - A dangerous reputation.
MATTHEW - Peg has got a reputation herself.
MARIA - I wanna become a nun.
MATTHEW - No you don't.
MARIA - Yes I do.
MATTHEW - No you don't. You're just having some kind of... severe reaction.
MARIA - I don't wanna feel anything.
MATTHEW - Well, I bet nuns feel things. You have to be dead not to feel things. You don't want to be dead, do you?
((Maria and Matthew kiss. She's still holding the grenade in her hand.))

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