sábado, 3 de novembro de 2012

real guerilla film-making

Na presente edição do Doc Lisboa, podemos ver THE ANABASIS OF MAY AND FUSAKO SHIGENOBU, MASAO ADACHI AND 27 YEARS WITHOUT IMAGES (Eric Baudelaire, 2011), com testemunhos de May Shigenobu (Filha de Fusako Shigenobu, fundadora do exército vermelho japonês na década de 70). 
Ao ser questionada acerca da violência que se associa ao exército vermelho, disse May um dia : 
 "We live in a different era ... it was an era in which people were fighting, thinking and being active everywhere against the Vietnam War and other oppression around the world and there were no means of gaining media attention. We forget all that background and we just pick up a person from there and choose to sentence her using today's sensibility, today's values and today's way of thinking." 

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