segunda-feira, 4 de junho de 2012

Black Cube (Theatre) vs White Cube (Museum)

Sobre a video-instalação:

Pipilotti Rist

(...) Given the economy of art production – one-of-a-kind objects created by individual artists – 20th century artists expended lots of energy experimenting with what could be placed inside the neutral setting of a white cube: by breaking away from a flat and rectangular frame and going into the third dimension; covering a whole floor; suspending objects from the ceiling; and so on. In other words, if we are to make an analogy between an art object and a digital computer, we can say that, in modern art, both thephysical interface’ and the ‘software interface’ of an art object were not fixed but open for experimentation. Put differently, both the physical appearance of an object and the proposed mode of interaction with an object were open for experimentation. (...)

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