domingo, 22 de janeiro de 2012

Only two things exist: Love and death, nothing more.

You dreamt of a beloved hand
That could break your chains.
A sudden murmur shatters
The silence of your joyless house.
You leave now, your heart
Overflowing with tenderness
Toward your beautiful dream of happiness.

A new lucidity in your heart
Has filled your life with warmth.
Troubled, you keep watch over your love
But your happiness is without peace.
Among all those people who ignore it.

Your dream is finished. Only the truth remains.
Hard as stone, To that you were always faithful.
Deep is your suffering, pure is your heart
While the night encircles you.

Spring and winter pass
Back in the town of your birth.
Here you are, alone and old
And far from your memories.
This one must know: To be able to grow old gracefully
Only two things exist: Love and death, nothing more.


LOS, James Benning, 2004

Fire & Rain - James Benning ( Viennale 2009 )

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