sexta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2011

Les Statues.

It's all such a blur
When time goes so quickly
Trying to hang on to
The way that you like things to stay,

Trace back the seconds,
Recall the detail
From someone will, to someone does,
To someone did, you know I did,

Oh there must be a hole in you memory
But I can see
A distant victory,
A time when you will be with me.

You cut me off just as I was starting to speak
The language you keep hidden away
It's just like the question on everyone's lips
But it's not on mine,
Where all you find is a twisted smile
From another time

A pedra só é dura e durável em confronto com os seres humanos, que deverão ter visto nela o contrário da fragilidade da carne
Bragança de Miranda

Guernica, Alain Resnais e Robert Hessens (1950)

Les Statues Meurent Aussi, 1958, Alain Resnais e Chris Marker

L'Année Derniére à Marienbad, 1961, Alain Resnais

Astrid Kirchherr

(foto via blog Português Amarelo)

Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors
Paradjanov 1965
Duelo ao Sol
King Vidor, 1946

David Lachapelle (2005)

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