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Cinema and ultraviolence.

A ultra-violência nunca precisou de pretextos para emergir, mas a história está repleta de crimes que implicam o cinema. 

3.8.2009 - Teenager accused of a bleach attack on a mother who tried to quieten a group of youths during a screening of the latest Harry Potter film.

4.6.2008 - 18-year-old high school student accused of stabbing the cab driver to death by trying to copy a scene from the GTA game.

4.3.2008. Olga Louniakova, a student at the Oxford School of Hair Design in Connecticut, found out the hard way that spiking a drink with Visine (as demonstrated by Owen Wilson in Wedding Crashers) not only causes diarrhea but can cause severe poisoning.

15.12.2005 - 'Clockwork Orange' gang found guilty of killing bar manager ( "The attacks were carried out so they could be filmed on mobile phones and later played for the attackers' pleasure - without thought or regard for the injuries and consequences for their victims.")

2002 - Matrix's philosophical premise that our reality is not real but rather a virtual program was internalized by several killers as a truth. After dismembering his landlady, Swedish exchange student Vadim Mieseges told police that “he’d been sucked into the Matrix”. Tonda Lynn Ansley also killed her landlady, but believing herself to be in the Matrix, likened the killing to a dream.

1996 - The most notorious person influenced by the films beyond Goosebumps, was Martin Bryant, Australia’s worst serial killer. Bryant killed 35 people in a massacre in Port Arthur in 1996.

1996 - In Belgium, the case of Thierry Jaradin, a truck driver who murdered his neighbor Alisson Cambier. In England, two teens stabbed their friend after watching The Scream movie, thinking that the occult was talking through the film and telling them to kill him

1996 -In the Basketball Diaries, DiCaprio has a daydream where, clad in a black trenchcoat, he enters his class with a shotgun and proceeds to massacre his classmates like Xaero with quad-damage. And, just like Inception, when someone follows Leo’s example, people die. Case in point: Barry Loukaitis’ 1996 classroom shooting that left 3 people dead.

1995 - Soon after Money Train was released, a copycat filled a booth with lighter fluid and ignited it.

1995 - The most famous killings allegedly caused by Natural Born Killers were committed by the couple Sarah Edmonson and Benjamin Darrus. The killers dropped LSD and watched the film several times before shooting two victims soon after.

1993 - In the movie The Program, the protagonist lies down in the middle of a busy highway to demonstrate his manliness and supreme badassery. Michael A. Shingledecker Jr. decided he’d go one better and demonstrate his madness and supreme jackassery when he convinced a friend to lie with him in dark clothes, at night, on a Philadelphia highway.

1990 - . Nathaniel White is a serial killer went on a spree of assaults and killings, savoring the violence portrayed in the movie Robocop II.

1983 -1985 - The Collector formed the basis for several abduction/murders that were part of the serial killings of Leonard Lake and Charles Ng. Lake wrote in his diary of Operation Miranda which described the capture and torture of Kathy Allen and Brenda O’Connor. The pair built a bunker to keep the two women, planning on using them for sex and housekeeping, documenting some of their interactions on tapes labeled “M Ladies”. When that didn’t work they murdered them.

30.3.1981 - Hinkley assumed that Robert DeNiro was talking to him when he played the role of a taxi driver who tries to assassinate a presidential candidate to impress a young woman.

1980 - Mickey Culpupper shot himself in the head after a round of “playing Deer Hunter” in 1980; similar reports have come from the Philippines, Finland and Lebanon. Also in 1980, a man was captured and tortured in a similar way to the Viet Cong torture scene.


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