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Mais aguardado

do que D. Sebastião.

O Cavalo de Turim
BELA TARR (2011)

Tarr Béla : "Normally, my films don’t have a message. The camera is an observer that captures the atmosphere of a moment and reacts to life. I don`t want to give the audience a message, I want to show it my image of the world. The camera has an objective point of view, I can only show you reality. Cinema is not like literature: It shows you only what is in front of the lense. You can`t fake it. [..]

Nothing in my films is accidental. I hate contingency, mostly I know the whole film from beginning to end. When I close my eyes, I see the movie. I know what the script is, I know what the set is and I know who the actors are. If I change something, it is only to give the actors the opportunity to stay natural and spontaneous. I keep strict control over the camera work. [..]

To me, actors are not really acting. I always tell my actors to do instead of playing. I as the director need to generate the right atmosphere for the scene. That is why a world star can act beside a woman from a factory who has never acted before: They are in the same situation, and they need to listen to each other. If they listen to each other, the scene becomes real. [..]

The problem is that most films follow the same pattern: Action, cut, action, cut. They only watch the story line. But story is not only human actions, everything can be a story. A man waiting at a corner can be a story. There is many things that are important in real life but that filmmakers find boring. I don`t think that these things are boring. In my films, I want to be closer to life than to cinema. [..]

I think that this film has a special position in my work. I started working on my first feature film 34 years ago. It has been a long way, and this film has changed something. The circle is closed."

interview of Tarr Béla by Konstanty Kuzma at East European Film Bulletin (15 Feb 2011)
via Unspoken Cinema

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  1. :D Sim, tendo em conta que o cavalo do Sebastião só é aguardado em Portugal.

  2. Camille, tendo em conta a viajada travessia de Agostinho da Silva pelo mundo, e a fama póstuma de Pessoa além fronteiras, diria que o sebastianismo não é, de todo, uma afeição só de portugueses!

    Luís, de nada!