segunda-feira, 22 de novembro de 2010

My Body is a Cage.

The Savage Eye
Ben Maddow, Sidney Meyers, Joseph Strick (1960)

- Judith, how are you?
- Alive. I feel the cool of the sea.

I must follow my dreams wherever they end.

I must walk among my dead thoughts.


My mausoleum of the unliving.

Or ambiguous child.


Whoever dances, is at least, alive.


I'm he.
I live in this mortal cage.

The animal is me.
I must be merciful before I can be happy.
I must be sick before I can be real.

I must chose.

Sleeping and the abyss or the shock of the living sea?

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  1. Foste à sessão da cinemateca? Eu tinha na agenda para ir, mas estava engripado.

    Preciso mesmo de ver este filme. Que tal?