segunda-feira, 26 de abril de 2010

Tilda Swinton sobre Apichatpong


"When i saw Tropical Malady in Cannes – the
first of his films i had seen – i thought that the
reels had been switched accidentally. I actually
sat up and looked for an official in the aisle.
A modern, tentatively-poised relationship evolving.
Cut to a mysterious creature glimpsed hunted?
- through the trees of a forest, incessantly,
for the rest of the film. How could this be
so? I felt myself blush, caught out, indecent:
how could it be that falling in love itself could
be purposefully unspooling in its raw, natural
order in front of this civilised audience? For isn’t
this what the first steps towards the fever
of love are exactly – the malady of the title – but
stepping into the haze of the intoxicating jungle?
Going barefoot and without a hat? Heart in
your throat and sweat prickling up everywhere?
Eventually the forest, this film murmurs.
Inevitably, inexorably, the forest.

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