Do construtivismo russo ao expressionismo alemão.

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Unlike Dada, Constructivism did not attack or subvert art, but extended it in new directions through experimentation and the exploration of new technologies. Constructivists embraced the machine as a means for creating art, and were excited by the mechanical production process that had the potential to reproduce images on a mass scale.
— Petra Kayser

1926, Alexandra Exter's setting for Pantomime Espagnole, Kamerny Theatre.

1927, Alexandra Exter's constructivist setting for Othello

Spellbound, Hitchcock, 1945

O Gabinete do Dr. Caligari, Robert Wiene, 1920

Algol, Hans Werckmeister, 1920

Aelita Queen of Mars,  Yakov Protazanov, 1924

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