quinta-feira, 2 de junho de 2005

Iggy and Syd

''Iggy 'The Eskimo Girl' was a girlfriend of Syd Barrett and appears on the album cover 'The Madcap Laughs' 1970. I re-discovered these photographs in my cellar in an old suitcase. All the optical effects were obtained in-camera. The colour images of Iggy were taken on a houseboat at Chelsea Reach. In the background you can see Lots Road Power Station. The distortions were achieved using a flexible mirror material called Malinex, as well as a magnifying fresnel screen. I have presented these images at the Ruskin Gallery as triptychs, because they remind me of Francis Bacon images in the same format.
Iggy was terrific fun to be with and to photograph. I knew her before she was introduced to Syd by Jenny Spires, and I remember walking through Battersea Park in the early mornings together. On another occasion I made a short film of her dancing in Russell Square, which, again, portrays her as the ultimate flower-child.''
Anthony Stern

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