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Crystal V
''Our issues all come down to a society that perpetuates a lack of love for mankind in general (one of our greatest weaknesses is the desire to judge ourselves and others, however, we’ve been trained to accept judgemental behavior without question from day one) along with a total loss of balancing and valuing the things that we should value most. The society we were unfortunately born into pits us against one another from the start in school, often not encouraging us to help others who aren’t doing well but to be proud that we’ve “achieved” more than those around us have and setting that as our standard for doing well in life. Celebrities and internet stars are a perfect example of people being valued and glorified over others for no reason other than vanity and setting lavish living standards. Have they contributed more to our species than our greatest philosophers and scientists? Rarely. Will they be forgotten before our greatest philosophers and scientists? Absolutely. From birth, your greatest right is your freedom to simply be human. To enjoy this life. All of our loved ones have that right. This is why so many people of all ages become rebellious, develop anxiety, depression, and are outcasted or disinterested in contributing to this society. Those people can sense in their souls that they have a right to a better life. Not a life of struggling at a job you hate to make ends meet so that you can simply “survive” and continue being a prisoner/slave to this structure. The truth is that we aren’t pawns and we don’t deserve to be treated this way. Businesses have structured complex ways of convincing us all that they can bottle and sell our freedom and joy to us through entertainment, social status and an abundance of the things that we don’t need or truly want but have been trained to desire in order to fulfill the void that they created. They’ve monopolized all structures that were built to protect us: government, medicine, law enforcement, etc. You already have access to everything that you need and they’re terrified of the day when we all figure that. Loving ourselves and others through unselfishness, respect, spirituality, speaking out against injustice, creating all forms of art, dropping judgements, etc, is the essential key for human freedom and would lead to an achievement so great that it would free not only us but everything that lives here with us. Plants, animals, this earth, and future generations can be freed by actions that we make daily. It’s our burden as humans to fight against injustice and greed but it’s a battle that can be won easily if we can learn to truly stand united. We’d make so much more progress in the right direction as a species if people would perpetuate these ideas. We’d finally be mentally capable of structuring systems that evolve with us rather than relying on outdated... everything. Life is hard and at many times horrifying, but each of us has the key to make progressive change. Do everything with love. Love yourself truly. Discover what that really means for you. Don’t hide from yourself or seek value from others. We are all human and we will all continue making mistakes. Accepting that and moving forward by growing and learning is an underrated power that we all have. Question the world around you and teach others to do the same. I have faith in humanity and I’ve found that through loving ourselves, we can change the world and end a lot of this unnecessary suffering.''

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''O despacho do Ministério da Educação (...) prevê que os alunos transgénero possam, por exemplo, escolher a que casa de banho ou balneário querem ir, de acordo com a sua singularidade. Também devem poder ser chamados pelo nome com o qual mais se identificam, ou escolher que uniforme vestir. A lei prevê ainda o acompanhamento escolar e o enquadramento parental.''

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micro-plásticos: o problema do nosso lixo é que o estamos a ingerir sem saber.

''Ingested microplastic particles can physically damage organs and leach hazardous chemicals—from the hormone-disrupting bisphenol A (BPA) to pesticides—that can compromise immune function and stymie growth and reproduction. Both microplastics and these chemicals may accumulate up the food chain, potentially impacting whole ecosystems, including the health of soils in which we grow our food. Microplastics in the water we drink and the air we breathe can also hit humans directly.''

''Microplastics may threaten people more directly. A study published in April found particles and microfibers in packaged sea salt, beer, bottled water and tap water, making it virtually certain we are ingesting microplastics. In bottled beverages microplastics could be infiltrating during the bottling process; microfibers could be falling from the atmosphere into the reservoirs that supply tap water. Even for researchers steeped in the field, “it still comes as a shock,” Rochman says. “It just shows that the mismanagement of our waste is coming back to us.”

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STEREODOX - Home to you

Cate Le Bon, Home to You

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STEREODOX - Some things don't need words

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STEREODOX - Margaritas at the mall

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STEREODOX - But you'll never know what I feel inside

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“If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid.”


 "The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool."

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sobre a mesma linha fina e plena

She was like a wild chrysanthemum, Keisuke Kinoshita, 1955

Já que não há uma verdadeira injustiça sobre esta terra a não ser a
própria injustiça da terra, que é estéril pelo frio ou estéril pelo quente e
raramente fértil pela doce mistura do quente e do frio; não há injustiça para
quem anda sobre a mesma porção de terra submetida ao mesmo frio ou ao
mesmo quente ou à mesma doce mistura, e todo homem ou animal que pode
olhar um outro homem ou animal nos olhos é o seu igual pois da liberdade de ação, escravos dos mesmos frios e dos mesmo calores, ricos do mesmo jeito e, do mesmo jeito pobres
Na Solidão dos Campos de Algodão, B-M Kòltès

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STEREODOX - Now our lives are changing fast / Hope that something pure can last